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“I know what it’s like to be a mom with a career, facing life’s daily challenges – or dealing with a major life setback. I’d like to help you find and use your strengths to bounce back from adversity, stay resilient, and thrive.”

– Kerry-Ann Thompson, PhD

My Story

Motherhood was the biggest calling of my life. Even bigger than my exciting career in disaster resilience. But parenting while pursuing my career left me physically and emotionally drained. When work offered more responsibilities, my body and mind craved a break, but I couldn’t ask for it. Burnout struck swiftly, plunging me into depression and rendering me unable to perform even basic tasks.

Looking back, I re-evaluated my priorities and discovered frameworks and models for well-being. I sought balance, purpose beyond work, and presence for my daughter. Recovery was tough, but necessary, teaching me that resilience means a slow, steady climb to a better place.

I created AWE because I’m passionate about helping other moms facing burnout or adversity, and hope to create a mental well-being community. Committed to self-care and awe-inspiring experiences, I’ll help as many people as I can.

My Values & Beliefs

Self-care and balance

Taking care of yourself means finding balance in your work and personal life. This helps you stay healthy and happy, even when life gets tough.

Resilience and growth

Believing in resilience means growing stronger as you overcome challenges. By learning from tough times, you become better prepared for whatever comes next.

Community and support

Sharing stories and support helps create a caring community. In this safe space, people can connect, encourage each other, and work together to overcome challenges and build resilience.

My Approach

I focus on seven key areas in my coaching: prioritizing self-care, embracing balance, building resilience, seeking support, cultivating awe, empowering change, and journeying together.

I encourage self-care routines, work-life balance, personal growth, and connecting with others for support. I inspire you to seek awe-filled experiences and make meaningful changes, while providing a safe space for sharing struggles and triumphs. Together, we’ll build a close-knit support system and walk hand in hand on this journey towards healing and growth. I’m here for you every step of the way, as we share both the ups and downs of our personal experiences.