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A Journey from Burnout to Resilience: My Story

by | Apr 11, 2023 | 0 comments

As I sit here and reflect on my journey through burnout, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. The experience was excruciatingly painful, but it led me to a deeper understanding of myself and what truly matters in life. It all started with a series of life changes that left me physically and emotionally depleted. I got married, had a baby, moved abroad several times, became a single parent, and moved back home after twelve years abroad. Just when I thought things were stabilizing, my work offered me a new contract with a raise and greater responsibilities. Under normal circumstances, I would have been thrilled, but my body and mind were screaming for a break. I was in serious need of time off, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask for it.


The burnout came swiftly and painfully. I was drowning in exhaustion, cynicism, and feelings of uselessness. Even getting out of bed became a monumental task. I had hit a wall mentally, and I found myself unable to write a decent sentence in my work report or even a simple email. My Christmas holiday plans were dashed as I sunk further into depression.


But as I look back on that time, I see how it forced me to re-evaluate my priorities and redefine what it means to thrive. The PERMA model[1] of well-being resonated with me deeply, and I realized that my fulfilment and happiness in life couldn’t hinge solely on my work-related achievements. I yearned for balance and purpose beyond my career, particularly in being present for my daughter.


The journey to recovery from burnout was not easy, but it was necessary. It required me to slow down and prioritize self-care, seek mental health resources, and let go of unrealistic expectations. I learned that resilience isn’t just about bouncing back from adversity but about the slow, steady climb to a better place.


Now, I am passionate about sharing my story and helping other moms who have experienced or are threatened with burnout or are facing adversity in their lives. I want to be a confidential resource and someday create a community of mental well-being for others to share their own stories and journeys to recovery. Together, we can find resilience in the face of life’s challenges.


Awe: The Other Side of Burnout


I know firsthand the pain and exhaustion of burnout, and the fear that it could come crashing back at any moment. But I refuse to let it take hold of me again. I am fiercely committed to making changes in my life to prioritize self-care, manage my time more effectively, and seek out experiences of awe and wonder that light up my soul.


Yet, I know that this journey is not one I want to undertake alone. I am calling out to you, my fellow warriors, my sisters in the struggle, to join me on this path of healing and growth. Together, we can find the strength and resilience to weather any storm. Even in the darkest of moments, we can discover the beauty and majesty of the world around us, and let it fill us with renewed hope and joy.


So let us journey forth together, hand in hand, hearts open to the wonder and awe that awaits us. Let us embrace the challenge of building a life that sustains us, that nourishes our spirits, and that reminds us of the infinite possibilities that exist within us. Together, we can rise above burnout, above the struggles that weigh us down, and find the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us every day. Will you walk this path with me?

[1] PERMA™ is an easy-to-remember acronym for the five things that can help you live a happy and fulfilling life. These are Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. Each of these building blocks is important, and there are different ways to increase them in your life. Positive Emotion means feeling good, Engagement means being fully involved in activities, Relationships mean connecting with others, Meaning means having a sense of purpose, and Accomplishment means achieving goals. By focusing on each of these areas and finding ways to increase them, you can improve your overall well-being and live a happier life.


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