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Coaching My Six-Year-Old Taught Me About Unlocking Limitless Potential

by | Jun 12, 2023 | 0 comments

Hey there,

Today, I faced the ultimate challenge as a coach—my toughest client yet: my own six-year-old. Talk about unexpected! Usually, I help people bounce back from tough situations and find their inner joy. But, why not give it a whirl with my little one?

Now that she’s a reading pro, she caught a peek of what I do on my computer. When she saw my Pinterest handle, “Kerry-Ann – AWE Coach,” she was more than a little impressed. Cue the rapid-fire questions: “Mom, what do you teach people? Can you, like, coach me too?” Caught off guard? Absolutely. Intrigued? Absolutely! Imagine doing what I love with my own child, the one who’s been my ultimate motivation for pursing this passion of mine. Plus, I knew she’d give me unfiltered feedback, and with a six-year-old, that can be hilariously refreshing or adorably clueless.

Turns out, my daughter is actually really coachable. She seriously considered my questions and came back with some seriously insightful answers. It was like seeing my adult clients in pint-sized form. Our session lasted a whopping fifteen minutes before she got distracted by a shiny object. But something stuck with me from that experience. Seeing her take a moment to pause and reflect—now, that’s not something you see every day, especially in our usual convos with family and friends. We’re all about sharing the deets or venting emotions. But watching her and my clients dig deep into what really matter to them looks to me like the ultimate act of self-care. It’s become a special moment for me as a coach, right up there with witnessing epic mindset shifts in my clients.

Have you ever given yourself that sweet moment of introspection? A chance to dig deep and discover what truly lights you up? Give it a whirl with close friend, a trusted coach, or hey, you can even book a discovery call with yours truly. Get ready to unleash your inner awesomeness—because when you take that time for yourself, magic happens.

Your truly,

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