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Hush Baby Mother: A Step Towards Forgiveness

by | Apr 27, 2023 | 0 comments

Hey There Lovely,

For any woman becoming a single mother for the first time, it can be one of the most challenging experiences you’ll ever face. The pain, the loss, and the loneliness can feel overwhelming, and it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in the depths of it all. Yet, amidst these challenges lies a message of hope and encouragement that speaks to single mothers across cultures and continents. One such cultural staple is the Jamaican song, “Hush Baby Mother,” by Judy Mowatt, a former backing vocalist for Bob Marley’s I-Three. The song’s beloved lyrics, “Hush Baby Mother, things will be better tomorrow,” provide a much-needed reminder that better days are ahead, and that perseverance and resilience can carry one through even the toughest of times.

Finding Forgiveness
I understand the pain of losing the family life you once knew. It can feel like your world has come crashing down around you, and everything you thought you knew about your life has been turned upside down. I remember when I became a single mother, and how I felt emotionally abandoned even before it became official. It was a difficult time, and I was overwhelmed with emotions. But what I found during that time was a deep well of empathy and concern for others, which helped me find the strength to keep going.

As a single mother, I know firsthand the pain and anger that can come with feeling wronged by someone you once trusted and loved. When I found myself in this position, I knew that I needed to find a way to forgive and move forward, but I wasn’t sure how. That’s when I learned about an exercise that could help me in the process of forgiveness.

The exercise involved sitting alone in a room with an empty chair in front of me. I was instructed to think of all the people who had wronged me, to look at them in my mind’s eye, and to speak to them. I was told to tell them exactly how I felt about the wrongs they had done, but to end by saying, “I forgive you, and I release you.”

I have to admit, the exercise was incredibly painful. It brought up all of the emotions that I had been trying to suppress, and I had to confront them head-on. But as I continued to speak and release those negative emotions, I felt a weight lift off of me. It was like a burden that I had been carrying around for far too long was finally being lifted.

Of course, forgiveness is not an instant fix. It is a process that takes time and effort. But the exercise helped me to start that process, to release the negative emotions that were holding me back, and to move forward in a positive direction.

If you find yourself struggling with forgiveness, I encourage you to try this exercise. It may be painful, but it can help you to release the negative emotions that are holding you back and move forward with a sense of peace and empowerment.

A Word of Encouragement
As a single mother, you will face many challenges and obstacles, but you are strong and capable. You will find a way to survive, and not just survive, but to thrive. It’s okay to ask for help, to lean on your support system, and to take time for yourself. You deserve it.

I want you to know that being a single mother is not a label, but a badge of honor. It means that you are strong, resilient, and capable of handling whatever life throws your way. It’s important to embrace the positives in single parenting and to see it as a source of empowerment rather than a burden.

So, my dear sister, I want you to know that you are not alone in this journey. As difficult as it may be, there is a community of women who have walked this path before you, and who stand with you in solidarity. Hush, baby mother, things will be better tomorrow. Hold onto that hope, and keep moving forward, one step at a time.

With love and support,


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